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Finally, Your customers will now see your company as a "suggested term" before they ever have a chance to see your competition.  Get to your customers first with Autocomplete-Optimization.

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In Fact, top companies such as Walmart, Best Buy, Dominos Pizza are using our services!


Now your Local or National company can also take advantage of this break-through during
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Dominate My Competition
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What is Dominate My Competition?

Dominate My Competition enables you to appear in the auto-complete suggestions on Google and Bing.  Your customers see you first and bypass your competition.  If you want an unfair advantage over your competition, then reserve the very best &
top-searched keyword phrases in your industry and Dominate My Competition.


Did you know that Google has said that apx 73% of people searching use the
auto-complete?  This is exactly where YOU will be promoted.

Auto-Complete Optimization provides your business with ultra-fast & steady results.

Thinking outside the box.

Companies invest large amounts of money on SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns.  We will promote you in the auto-complete for Google and Bing, this way your customers find you before your competitors. This is truly a dream come true for any business.

Keys to Success

Become the exclusive company appearing directly in front of your customers for any keyword-phrase you choose in the auto-complete.  Plus, once they click on your company in the auto-complete, they no longer will see your competitors because you will now own all of the listing on the entire first page.

Take a look at the video for more insights.

Save Money

You'll save money on costly pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.  You will own the entire first page of search results. Literally!

Dominate Your Competition

Each time a prospect types in the keyword phrase you choose, they will see you before they see any of your competition.

Exclusive To You

You'll also appear as the only company listed for the keyword phrase that you choose.  We never sell a keyword phrase twice.

Act quick because when a keyword phrase is purchaseed by your competition, it's gone forever.

  • Choose the best keyword phrases that your customers type to find you.

  • Each time someone types in the keyword phrase in Google & Bing, they will see you.

  • Save costs on your pay-per-click campaign by having customers find you directly.

  • Boost your online authority by having customers search for you by name

  • Fast process. You can be getting new customers in 45 days or less with our Autocomplete-Optimization program.

Gain massive customers.
Effective and Affordable.

Get directly in front of your customers on all searches.

This is a unique marketing platform that none of your competitors will have.  Be the first company your customers see when looking for your product or service.

  • Gain new customers and bypass your competition.

  • Be in front of every customer looking for you in Google & Bing.

  • Affordable programs to meet your budget needs.

  • Support and monthly reporting.

  • Shows on all computer platforms and mobile devices.

Own page #1 of search results

You will own the entire page #1 of Google & Bing results showing only your company.  Exclusive exposure!

Proprietary Technology

Our technology provides you the most competitive ability, and no other company can provide this future technology like we will.

Easy Process

The process is easy. Simply select your keyword phrases that will drive you customers, and we will handle the rest.

Worldwide Exposure

Perhaps you might only want  customers in your city, however anyone who types in your keyword phrase will see you, worldwide!

Be Seen Also On Mobile Devices

This technology performs on all mobile devices, so your customers can easily find you on their computer, tablet or phone.


This cost-effective service gives you a huge competitive edge over your competitors.

Setup is easy.

This system is designed to be easy & affordable so any business can utilize this technology and gain more customers.  We don't ever sell your keyword phrases to anyone else.  Every keyword phrase you buy is EXCLUSIVELY yours.  Your competition won't ever be able to get that keyword phrase. YES, You own it FOREVER!

Still have more questions?

Question: Do I need to continue making payments while we wait for our business to appear in auto-complete?

Answer: No, you will not be required to make any further payments after your initial payment. Payments will only resume once one of your targeted keywords appears in the auto-complete feature.

Question: Will my business appear up on mobile searches?

Answer: Indeed, your company will appear on all devices when customers search for you on both Google and Bing.

Question:What is the expected time frame for our company to appear in auto-complete?

Answer: In general, you can expect to see your company appear in Bing within 45-60 days, and in Google within 75-120 days.

Question: Do we also offer other services besides auto-complete?

Answer: Absolutely! We can help you dominate SEO, PPC, Native Ads, Email Marketing and much more. Just ask!

Local and Nationwide

We help your company dominate both local and/or national campaigns.

Local Marketing Program

We have a local Autocomplete-Optimization program that can assist your company in gaining an edge over your local competitors. By targeting the precise areas of your expertise that potential customers are searching for, we can help you increase your visibility. Allow us to support you in identifying and utilizing the most effective keyword phrases used by your customers to locate your local business. This will ensure that you appear in front of them when they are actively searching.

National Marketing Program

Our national Autocomplete-Optimization marketing program is designed to assist companies with nationwide offices or services in reaching a large number of potential customers every month. We can work with you to develop a customized marketing program that will attract new business. Allow us to design a program tailored to your specific needs, helping you to reach and engage with thousands of potential customers across the country.

We can get you results.

Expert Support

You can expect regular progress reports on your campaign from us. Whenever your targeted keywords appear on Google or Bing, we will notify you promptly. This way, you will be well-informed and can make necessary preparations to cater to potential new customers.

Easy Process

We strive to simplify the process for you. All you need to do is inform us about the most frequently used keyword phrases that customers utilize to locate your company online. Then, we will ensure that your company is prominently displayed in front of all those potential customers.

What Others Say

We have witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of our Autocomplete-Optimization program. Our company now appears in the auto-suggest feature when customers search for adoption services in the USA. As a result, customers are able to find us easily, leading to increased visibility and business growth. The program has been incredibly successful for us.

- J. Wilson

We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market.  We are extremely happy.  They deliver the results they promise.

- Mr. Jesse
Dallas Mortgages

Dominate My Competition


Our topmost priority is to offer exceptional marketing services that stand out in terms of quality.


Our unique marketing product delivers prompt results to our valued customers. We treat every customer as an individual and focus on building a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with them.


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